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I'm a storyteller from Oklahoma.

He vividly remembers the last time he spoke to someone the way he hears most sports fans speak today. He was in high school. He felt that his team got robbed by some bad calls, and in a moment of rage he called the referees words he made me swear I wouldn’t write here—a less polite rendition of, “My heavens, you’re extremely below average, you gentlemen who sleep with women who get paid for such things!”

- Brandon Sneed


Still, I asked Bellavance if he knew who Shirley was. “I can’t comment,’’ he said.

I’m not asking for a comment. I’m asking if you know. “I don’t,’’ he replied.

And that’s the problem. Nobody does anymore. The question is, if they learn, will they care?

- Brian McGrory


The problem with being a crap franchise that gets rich overnight, like the Clippers did, is that certain practices, and pockets of influence, will catch up sooner rather than later. The Clippers are one big bad habit; it takes more than adding one of the league’s best players to turn them into a championship-worthy organization.

- Bethlehem Shoals


When Joan is raped — one of the most shocking scenes on any show in television — her look of mute, horrified endurance is tragic in the full sense of that word. You can see her worldview instantly crumbling. She had everything under control, everything figured out; she had used the opportunities afforded by Madison Avenue to land a doctor fiancé. She had accepted the rules of the game and played it perfectly. Then life came along, as it will, to declare: You don’t know a thing.

- Stephen Marche 


Three weeks earlier at Zia Park, Mark Anthony Villa was on the back of a quarter horse when it fell just past the finish line, throwing him to the ground. With a herd of thousand-plus-pound animals bearing down on him, Mr. Villa tried to crawl to safety.

He never made it. A horse’s hoof struck him in the head with such force that his helmet shot like a bullet across the track. He died within an instant, leaving a wife and twin children.

- NYT 


There are no cowards left in stock-car racing, but a couple of drivers tell me that one of the things that can shake you up is to look into your rearview mirror going around a curve and see Junior Johnson’s car on your tail trying to “root you out of the groove,” and then get a glimpse of Junior’s dead-serious look.

- Tom Wolfe


It’s no wonder that professional law enforcement officials oppose these new laws. They are, at best, a license for any fool with a firearm to shoot anyone he decides to fear, and at worst, an invitation to murder.

- David Simon 


2 years ago